We offer services to the transport infrastructure industry, both in the private and public sectors. We are one of the very few companies in the country who paint thermoplastic road markings. We utilize the latest technology. Legend Road Markings is a Level 1 BEE Company with 100% black ownership. Legend Road Marking satisfies SMME criteria, adding value to large contractor’s.


The companies administrative head office is situated in Cape Town, at 5 Mobile Road, Airport Industria 2. Located close to Cape Town International Airport, the companies operational planning and administration is done from here as well as financial administration and control.

Legend Road Marking has access to a fully equipped workshop where equipment is serviced and maintained on a regular basis to ensure optimum performance and reliability. The contact details for road marking related matters appear at the bottom of the profile. You are most welcome to contact any of the mentioned persons if you require any additional information.


The latest H33-3 road marking machines from Germany is used, which can spray thermoplastic, solvent and water based paint. The machines can spray with three guns simultaneously, which means that all the center lines can be done at one pass. The glass beads are pressure injected into the painted lines. Another big advantage is that the machine can be operated on the center of the road while traffic still has access on both sides.

We have 4 x Hoffmann H33-3 road marking machines as well as 4 x smaller walk behind machines. The equipment is transported between different sites by a fleet of Nissan UD100 trucks and hydraulically operated trailers, some trucks especially adapted to accommodate the mounted thermoplastic boilers required for thermoplastic jobs.

We also have 4 handwork teams who perform special markings such as pre-marking, traffic accommodation, intersection and traffic island markings.

To complete the full house, a dedicated team specializing in sandblasting and the installation of all different types of road studs operates around the country. They are fully equipped with the necessary generators & drills to perform their tasks as efficiently as possible.

Reflectivity testing:

To ensure quality can be done depending on the client’s requirements.


We have experience in all types of line marking, including solvent and water based applications. We are one of the few companies in South Africa to offer large capacity thermoplastic applications. All line marking is done strictly according to the COLTO Specification manual.

We have also successfully completed cross border contracts in Zimbabwe and Swaziland, affording us valuable experience in planning, managing and executing foreign road marking contracts.

Legend Road Marking has built an excellent reputation and track record of quality road marking performance standards, sub-contracting for some of the largest construction companies operating in South Africa today.

Your road marking application options:

1.Thermoplastic line marking

Thermoplastic is a long life road marking material that was first used in the USA in 1958, followed quickly by its introduction into many countries throughout Europe. It is a mixture of glass beads, binder, pigment and filler material. Thermoplastic as its name suggests has to do with heat. Dry thermoplastic compound is generally heated in a thermostatically controlled pre-heater/boiler to a temperature of 180-200 °C and agitated continuously until a homogenized liquid is achieved, before transferring to an application vehicle. Applied at this temperature, the thermoplastic melts into the upper surface of the asphalt forming a thermal bond.

2. Solvent line marking

Cold Solvent Road Marking Paint is consisted of modified acrylic resins, pigment filling and additive, generally used in city roads and common roads consisted of asphalt pavement and cement pavement.

3. Water-based line marking

Water-based road marking paint is suitable for bituminous and concrete roads. And it can be successfully applied to airless or air auxiliary spraying road making equipment.


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Mr. Peter Greeff (Boetie)
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Mr. Fred Capito
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Mrs. Pat Kona
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Mr. Solly SEBOLA
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