To make a difference to the quality of people's lives and to sustain an environment in which excellence thrives. 

Increased opportunities afforded to all South Africans have resulted in dramatic increases in business opportunity in South Africa. However, existing unemployment levels have caused the crime rate to soar and due to very few corrective measures envisaged for the short term, it is virtually important that international standards in respect of all services, direct as well as indirect, are strictly conformed to. With this in mind, Solly Sebola, a member of the previously disadvantaged community found Legend Auto Panel.

We aim to be the premier, nationally reputable panel beating and spray painting services organization in South Africa. We shall pursue demanding objectives by:-
• Offering competent panel beating and spray painting service standard to our chosen market.
• Harnessing the collective talent of our trained employees in an enabling environment that fosters a spirit of mutual respect and a sense of common purpose.
• Delivering pragmatic and effective transformation practices in accordance with our funding mandate.
• Ensuring the highest level of panel beating and spray painting standard, moral and ethical conduct at all times. The company embodies the hope of the new “Rainbow” nation that through education and training people will be empowered to fulfill their aspirations and capabilities and, through their honest labours share in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

• A unique, unprecedented amalgamation of a diverse range of trained employees.
• A genuinely representative ownership and employee base that defines bold new frontiers of black economic environment.
• A fresh approach to the complex and far reaching changes that face the motor industry in South Africa.
• A determined focused team with strong goal congruence through out all of our business activities.

We are using the latest equipment available on the market. These include a spray booth, want bench and drive-on prep bays, just to name a few. The company has built a reputation for managing contracts successfully by maintaining outstanding customer service levels, quick turnarounds completed efficiently and on time, the friendliness, dedication and goal-orientation of its obliging staff, and the attention to details as practiced by its owner/proprietor.

Our motto is to employ people through the creation of employment opportunities, through this motto we aim to grow the business and become a major player in Reconstruction and Development of the people who are unemployed. It is the Policy of the Company to educate the uneducated and to train workers into positions such as Quality Assurance and Customer Services. Managing contracts successfully, Legend Auto Panel focuses its plan on the following principles.


In keeping with our stated vision, the people’s development philosophy of Legend Auto Panel has the following objectives:-
• To deliver top quality service
• To be innovative and dynamic in sophisticated and demanding environment
• To create additional capacity in the industry through the education, training and development of young Black employees within the company The primary objectives of consistent relative out performance will be achieved as follows:-
• Disciplined and focused implementation of the top quality service.
• Integration of Fundamental Black Empowerment allocation views as a consequence of detailed, specific research and religious debate.

As an employer, Legend is known for its genuine representative ownership and its commitment to grow the business by implementing Black Economic Empowerment principles and making affirmative action appointments. It offers on-the-job training for its entire staff, as well as improving promotion prospects in areas such as customer service and quality assurance.