The Rainbow Group of Companies consist of five companies which specialize in civil construction, road maintenance services, road marking, industrial rail cleaning services, panel beating and spray painting. South Africa’s maintenance and cleaning service industries used to be characterized by high staff turnover, low standards and low self-esteem of employees. Solly Sebola, founded the Rainbow Group of Companies to transform the maintenance and cleaning service industry through proactive leadership and training and by harnessing the collective talents of employees to the benefit of its clients.

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Rainbow Civils was incorporated in 2002. The company provides mainly, Routine Road Maintenance services in South Africa with its main clients being the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) where the services is provided on national routes as well as the various provincial governments in South Africa where we provide the services on provincial routes. We have our own fleet of around 120 vehicles/equipment to execute and manage road construction and maintenance contracts.

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Legend Road Marking was incorporated in 2007 after market research indications highlighted an opportunity for new market entrants in the South African road marking industry. The company has emerged as one of the leaders in the road marking industry, building a reputation of providing quality service. We have a highly experienced operational management team and machine operators to produce high quality work.

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At Legend Auto Panel we specialize in Spray painting and panel beating services that can be administered to all types and makes of motor vehicles, trucks and machinery. Our service includes specialist collision repairs as well as major structural repairs. We also offer free quotations.

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What Sets Us Apart

A unique, unprecedented amalgamation of a diverse range of trained employees. A genuinely representative ownership and employee base that defines bold new frontiers of black economic environment. A fresh approach to the complex and far reaching changes that face our industry in South Africa. A determined focused team with strong goal congruence throughout all of our business activities.


Rainbow Group embodies the hope of the “Rainbow Nation: that - through education and training - people will be empowered to fulfil their aspirations and capabilities. "Success is a God-given thing. It's all about fulfilling one's capabilities." Solly Sebola, founder and MD of the Rainbow Group.

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Solly Sebola - SANRAL Stop Over

Businessman Solly Sebola is cultivating progressive relations with business forums and assisting black businesses to participate in projects.

Our Values

Respect for and empowerment of the individual. Pro-active and innovative approach to all we do. Impeccable ethical standards. Anticipating and exceeding the needs and expectations of those with whom we interact. Committed to being the leader in socially responsible upliftment, empowerment and job creation in the South African society.

  • 5 Mobile Road, Airport Industria II, Cape Town